“Aquifer” Whole Home Water Conditioner

Water The Way The God of Your Choosing Intended It To Be

The Aquifer is arguably the world’s most comprehensive and complete water conditioning and revitalization system. Never before have so many innovative technologies worked in concert to create CLEAN, SAFE, CONTAMINANT FREE and LIVING water for your home or business.  Built as a modular system for easy maintenance and accessibility,  she serves well to sit comfortably in most any spa,  garage, or properly appointed out building as a Point of Entry System.

Hand-Built in Florida for Your Health

If you are environmentally conscience and aware of the many water born contaminants such as Organics, Fluoride and Chlorine introduced to your drinking water or others leached into your ground water,  then the Aquifer is for you.  If you are at all concerned about virus and pathogens that may be introduced to your water supply,  then the Aquifer is for you.  If you are a professional athlete, immune-compromised, or just blessed with an abundance of common sense,  then the Aquifer is for you.  We hand build the Aquifer here in Florida and ship all over the world accommodating any electrical or source water variances.

27 Steps to Create Living Water

With TWENTY SEVEN well thought out steps to bring your water back to life, the aquifer will certainly exceed your expectations.  Over the top is the only way we build our equipment.  As our customers have achieved their success by being all they can be, as have we!

Life is of course given to us through water that has fallen from the sky.  Once on earth, it percolates through a naturally occurring aquifer ridding it of contaminants and introducing vital minerals.  Working its way into streams,  whirling,  tumbling and absorbing light photons oxygen, and the energy essential for healthy life,  it is then consumed and the minerals and energy it offers are absorbed by a healthier  you.  As it once was and again should be.

Living Water Is Rare – Have Yours Now

Natural healthy LIVING water is a rarity today given industrial contamination,  the clear cutting of our woodlands,  and the convenience imperative of centralized water storage.

Water must be capable of absorption if it is to benefit us.  Living water, arguably, is the only true alternative your body is built to accommodate.

Restorative technology has gained momentum out of necessity over these last 30 years.  There is however no one answer for all water problems.  The “Aquifer” though can remediate most any potable or moderately compromised water.

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By the way, to our customers belong movie-stars, business-owners and athletes. That we can say. What we will not say is their names. For more information read our confidentiality.

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